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Terms & Conditions
Some online services are only available to users who register for those services or for access. You must provide current, complete and accurate information as part of any registration application. Gisborne District Council may reject an application for registration. If you register for such online services or access, and are issued with a username and password, you will be responsible for any use of online services and this website through use of your username and password, and must keep your username and password secret and secure. Transactions (including payments) through online services are binding on you. You should keep a copy of any transaction confirmation for your records. You are entirely responsible for the accuracy of all details, including debit and credit card details, you provide in relation to transactions you make through online services. You may terminate your registration and use of online services by submitting a request that Gisborne District Council deletes your registration (including your username and password, if applicable). Gisborne District Council may terminate your registration and use of any online services and this website immediately without notice if in Gisborne District Council's opinion you have breached any of Gisborne District Council's terms and conditions, or your use is unlawful, unauthorised, dishonest, or inappropriate. Any termination of your registration and right to use online services and this website will not affect any rights or obligations which have accrued prior to termination. By using this website and any online services, you agree to provide information and documents in electronic form and to the standards (and in the form) required for the relevant transaction, and you agree to receive information and documents from us, including in electronic form. If someone submits or requests information on your behalf, we will treat that person as your agent and assume they have your consent to submit the information, make the request, and to receive information and documents from us in electronic form.